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Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Is that something to save me from the tower with?!"

The stereotypical little girl's dream is to be swept off of her feet by prince charming who came to save her from the super tall tower and to ride of on the back of a white horse into a perfect sunset. My cousin T is no exception, and she is only 4 years old. Yesterday, I took most of the kids out into the backyard to play and she was playing the princess, which meant that Clay was the obligatory prince coming to save her from the play fort turned tower.

This morning, I woke up from a dream in which I got engaged -- sort of. Basically though, Brian was in the dream and had come to town to visit me (I'm not sure where I was at, but it definitely wasn't Dad's house), but he had brought a female "friend" with him. He said that she was just here to hang out with the kids (why I was watching his kids in a different town, I'll never know). Brian, this friend of his, and I all went on a walk together and on the way back home, his lady friend started walking several feet in front of us. About that same time, Brian pulls me off to the side of the road and gets down on one knee. Realizing what he is fixing to do, my knees buckle and I join him on the ground with tears streaming down my face. He opened the ring box and there were two costume jewelry rings inside. He told me that I could have my pick of whichever ring that I wanted. After he said that, he pulls the pink ring out of the box and tells me that if I don't accept his marriage proposal, he is going to ask his lady friend to marry him. I tell him yes (not because I don't want them to get married, but because I actually wanted to marry him). I lean in to kiss him and he doesn't do anything at all. He doesn't try to kiss me back; instead, he has a really disappointed, even hurt, look on his face. When I ask him what was wrong, he tells me that I did something wrong. Apparently, when my knees buckled and I started crying, he took it the wrong way. As I gave the ring back to him, I told him that a proposal wasn't supposed to be like this (having another woman waiting around the corner as a potential fiancée) and that he should know that my feelings for him were real. He didn't hold my hand or talk to me for the rest of the dream.

It was super trippy. I didn't like it. After him making me cry on the phone on Friday night, not talking to him Saturday night, and waking up from that crazy dream this morning, I'm ready to talk to him. I've been apprehensive about it all day, but I think that it should go okay.

We sent all of the out of town family on their way this evening after family pictures at the park. After we get those, I'll put a couple of them up here. My Aunt J took the pictures this time, and she is a more experienced photographer than I am.

I'm tired and ready for this week to be over already, and it's only Sunday night.

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