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Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Me! Me! Me!"

Sarah. 2 years old, calls me "Me" because she can't say "Em". I love her. She woke me up this morning with a package that we had just gotten in the mail. It was for me, from Brian!!!! :) I knew that it was Valentine's Day gifts from him. My two favorite people woke me up this morning. One of them, Sarah, is still sitting next to me, watching her "moobie" in my room. Brian sent me the most thoughtful gift!! I love my new coffee mug to drink out of. I finally got my first ever teddy bear from a guy too!!! Of course there was a card, but there was also a flash drive. Curious, I plugged it into my computer and opened it up. Brian has a whole bunch of music on his computer, from his army days. He sent me a lot of my favorite people and lots of new stuff that he wanted me to listen to!! There were also some files with pictures in them from family vacations and his cool kids' rooms that he painted/built himself!! 

I'm so super impressed with him. I can't wait for many more years, pictures, and music with him!!! 

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