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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I am indeed alphabetically challenged, especially with the letters from "G" through "L" and "T" through "Z". Normally, this doesn't pose much of a problem; however, today was a different story. Dad needed help filing all of his papers into the correct case files for his law practice. Normally that would be a paralegal's job but since money is tight, I'm the next best thing. And I don't charge (although I probably should...). Anywho, after spending about 7 hours today filing, I was basically brain dead.

After we have the files in alphabetical order, Daddy wanted me to organize each piece of paper inside the files by reverse date order. So the newest dates go on top. Which means that I not only had to sing my ABCs, but I also had to say the months, starting in January and stopping only when I got to the correct month. At least I didn't have to do numbers. I'm horrible at numbers.

For a simple task such as filing, there is quite a bit of sitting, reaching, and bending; I'm a little sore.

Overall, not a bad day. I helped mom make chicken enchiladas for dinner, then had to clean up the mess that Sarah made when she got into my makeup...

Waiting for some emails from Brian!! I miss him so much. Valentine's Day yesterday without him was a little rough. It could be worse though.

Fun fact: Valentine's Day 2011 is the first Valentine's Day in my life where I've had a valentine!! Even though we are constantly 4 hours away, we are making things work, even on V-Day. I'm thinking that his V-Day gift from me hasn't arrived at his house yet, he hasn't said anything about it. I can't wait until I get to move back up to Oklahoma. I miss it.

Hope you guys had a great Valentine's Day yesterday and a great Tuesday today!! Feel free to eat a piece of V-Day candy for me, since my siblings didn't share any of theirs!!

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