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Friday, February 25, 2011

....uh what?

So, the party...Started out okay. We all got ready and went to the cigar shop and hung out with everybody. Then Grandma and Grandpa showed up and we were finally able to dig into the cake. A little while later, we came home where we met Uncle E and Aunt J. They left their two girls here (ages 4 and 9), bringing my total kid to adult ratio to 7:1. 4 of the kids are siblings, which aren't a problem. 2 are cousins. 1 is the child of one of dad's high school friends. One sibling, the 9-year old cousin, and the friend's kid (who is 14) have been brats all night long. After I got all the little kids in bed, the older 3 decided to be teenager-ish and just be...ugh. I got fed up with it really quickly.

Then Brian called and made me cry, and not necessarily in a good way. He didn't understand that I was talking to the older kids and thought that I was being mean to the younger ones. He acted like my dad. I started crying because of all of it culminating together. After he began to realize what was going on over here, he apologized and we are good again.

Parents are finally back. Got to go.


  1. Oh my word Em, What a horrible night that must have been and Bug will never act out when she is with you ever again. I promise you, I'm gonna give her the being respectful speech yet again. lol

  2. It's fine. It's just because the other two were being dumb. She is great!! I'm not upset by it now!! No worries!