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Thursday, February 17, 2011

quick note

After looking through the music that Brian sent me and talking to him on the phone tonight, I have a greater appreciation for my man. He told me that he went through and hand selected most (if not all) of the songs that he chose to include on the flash drive. He makes me feel so super duper special. :D

Today, I turned all of the new music on shuffle and cleaned my room!! I felt semi-accomplished. My excitedness never quite went away from the super fun way that I woke up this morning, it just translated into motivation to get other stuff done that I had been neglecting. I even made my bed. That's EPIC for me. I never make my bed. But I did today!!

By the way, Natalie Merchant is an awesome musician. If you don't listen to her, you need to start. NOW. :D "Wonder" is such a beautiful song.

Good night, all. I love the way he makes me feel!!

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