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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just more of my life

Herro!!! :)

Today, we tackled the bathrooms, the shelf unit in the dining room (it's a big unit), Mom and Dad's bedroom, the front porch, and the back deck. And several loads of laundry. I feel pretty accomplished with all of that.

I also managed to read a little bit of my book. I've changed novels again, for those of you keeping track, now it's Stephen King's Firestarter. I got it from Aunt B on Monday after I babysat the kids. She told me that I could have it, since she wasn't the Stephen King fan in the house. I'm pretty sure Uncle C won't mind, since it's being read instead of just sitting on a shelf.

I got to talk to Melissa again tonight and we made plans to hang out on her Spring Break. I'm so glad that her university decided to have a SB week different than the rest of the world!! I get to see her, and then the next week, Brian comes and picks me up to spend SB with him!! I'm super excited about getting to see both of them. It's been quite a while...

We watched "American Idol" tonight when Daddy got home (we love our DVR) and I was sad that Hollie and Chris both got sent home. I wish that Clint had been sent home, I've never been a huge fan of his. I think that he talks too much, and after cutting Jaycee from the group last week, I'm not fond of his personality. I'm really glad that Ashley is gone though. She was too much of a cry-baby/drama queen for me to even begin to think of liking her.

Tonight, I didn't get to hear Brian tell me that he loves me. I know that he does, but I like hearing it too. His phone died and his brother was on the way to his place to watch movies and stay the night. That just means that we will talk tomorrow!!

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