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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

el jardin

Apparently, every Spring, my mom likes to make up her garden. The boys always want to plant vegetables and mom wants flowers. The last 2 days, we have been clearing and planting flowers and vegetables in the front flower bed, the back flower bed, the veggie garden, and the back pond. While we were clearing weeds out of the back veggie garden, I found two acorns that had started to take root to grow into trees. I decided that I was going to replant the first one that I found in the very back yard. Since we live next to a creek and a forested area, I knew that as long as I was able to keep the animals from digging it back up, it would thrive pretty well back there. I was going to plant the second rooted acorn back there too, but then mom gave me the idea to put it in a pot and maintain it. Then when I bought my first home, I could replant it there, in my new yard. I thought that it was a great idea, so today, I planted that into a pot. It will have to be transferred into a bigger pot soon, but for right now, it will be okay where it is. I hope that I am able to buy/rent a place before it gets too big to be in a pot.

On a completely different note, I have a beautiful romance with the most wonderful man ever. We have plans for Spring Break and I am super excited. I really hope we are able to make things work. Our big deal is that we are going to meet each other's family/parents for the first time. I'm nervous for him to meet my mom mom. I know that my stepmom and daddy won't really be a problem. From what I know of his family, they are all very sweet and loving people, so I'm not that worried about meeting them. I want to spend forever with him. Period. He's wonderful and what we have is so beautiful and precious. It is something that I treasure and guard with my life. I love him.

Another big day tomorrow. Goodnight!! :)

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