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Monday, March 7, 2011

"I'm happy that you're happy tonight!!"

Things may be turning around for me finally!!!

I got a call from my aunt and she invited me to move in with her. It's away from Dad's house, and I'd be able to depend on myself more. I'd have the opportunity to borrow a car to get to and from work until I can save up to get my own car, then I'll continue to save some more until I am able to move out, and finally go to Stillwater!!!!!

More details later. I still have to run things by Dad and I'd like to talk to Grandma about it too!!

Brian and I had a fantastic conversation tonight too and I'm so lucky to have his support in my life. I always wanted my best friend and significant other to be my biggest cheerleader, and he's 100% behind me!! He's so happy for me. This may take us geographically farther apart for a while, but it is closer to my ultimate goal. He's perfect for me!!

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