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Thursday, March 10, 2011


I have good news and I have bad news. Let's start with the bad so that we can end on a good note, yes?! Yes. 

Bad news: 
  • Today, we found out that Michael, my 2nd grade brother, lost his elementary school teacher. She passed away this morning after some complications with an outpatient procedure that she had done. He's pretty torn up about it. She was his teacher last year and this year, and she was one of the teachers who chose not to give up on Michael. She was the type of teacher that everybody looked up to and respected. 
  • My mother decided to ask the AG of Texas to freeze all of Dad's bank accounts for back child-support due to her. So, we may lose the house and the car. That was awfully nice of my mom, wasn't it?? 
  • Sarah and Julia both had to go to the doctor's office today. We suspected that Julia had strep and got that confirmed. But we also learned that Sarah also has strep. They are both on antibiotics, and with money being the way it is right now, I pray to God that nobody else gets sick. We just can't afford it. 
Good news:
  • My Aunt L and Grandma have invited me to move in with them near Amarillo so that I can get some much needed job experience and include that on a resume, plus I'll be getting out of this place for a while. It would mean that I would no longer stuck here!! :D I'm going to move!! I'm excited. 
  • I fall more in love with Brian every day. I know that I go on and on about him, but it's really true. I can talk to him about anything (and trust me, I do). He listens to me, offers advice and solutions, but more importantly, he lets me know that my problems are important to him. He cares about me and where I am at with everything. He makes an effort to get to know my family until he can meet them, and I do the same for him. His mom just got a new young horse and she is severely malnourished. They are all doing everything that they can to save her life, and it's little things like knowing that his mom LOVES horses is interesting to me. I learned tonight that his dad and I grew up in similar households, but his mom and I also have some in common from our upbringings. His family is the epitome of the family that I want for my kids someday. I want my kids to feel like they can ask for help when they need it, and I want them to feel like they can help each other out without things being awkward or "unnatural" for them. I love him more tonight than I did last month, last week even.
  • I got an email from my Aunt B tonight. She was just checking up on me, since Uncle C died. She wants to make sure that I'm doing okay and she has invited me to hang out and visit sometime soon. I'm excited to do it!! It'll be good for both of us, I'm sure of it. 
It's going to take more time to deal with the bad stuff, and I know that if it isn't one thing that is "bad" that it's another, but right now, I'm doing the best that I can with what I've been given. I'm just simply living my life. I love this crazy, sad, beautiful, wonderful, mess. 

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