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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Getting back to normal

I can not wait until our lives get back to "normal". This funeral stuff is so stressful. Yesterday, I spent some time going through the kids' closets trying to find something acceptable for them to wear to the funeral tomorrow. I finally find them. We got up this morning and bought E's shoes, too. Then, I spent about an hour today ironing Aaron's clothes, Brian's clothes, and another shirt. Finally, I had to hand-sew a bead back on to my dress. I'm so tired.

We gave the kids the option of either going to school tomorrow or going to the funeral. They decided to go to the funeral, but not because they don't like school. In fact, when we pulled them out on Friday morning, E was constantly worried about the tests she was missing that day. It made me realize that to adults, second grade tests are really inconsequential in our daily lives; but to a second grader, it was a major stressor. I need to remember this when they have things at school that are important to them. Even though it really isn't that big of deal for them in the grand scheme of things, it is important to them because it is happening now. I know that Brian was really glad they chose to go to the funeral with us. He was hoping that they would want to go, so that they could say goodbye to Grandad and so that they could possibly meet other family members that they had not known previously. E seriously considered going to school, and had told us that she would rather go to school. But then, she let A talk her into going to the funeral to meet more family. A is just like his daddy, always wanting to meet his family and have family time. I love that (and more) about both of them!

Once things settle back down for us, I think I will do a post about some book reviews. I've done a lot of reading lately, and maybe I can inspire someone to pick up a good book...

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