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Sunday, April 8, 2012


OH. MY. GOODNESS. It has been such a long weekend! It's been great, but very long! It all started Thursday night. The kids went over to Nana's house to spend the night, which was a blessing in disguise, simply because I didn't have to cook dinner that night. I got a phone call on Thursday night from Brian that said that he would be working until 3 am. It wasn't really a problem, except he and I were driving to Tulsa on Friday to pick up Andrew to spend the weekend with us. So, I went to bed to catch some ZZZ's before the 4 hour trip. I hate going to bed without my man. It does not make it easy to sleep. Anyway, we finally get back home from the trip, the kids come home, and Brian goes back to work. I spend most of Friday cleaning the kitchen, boiling eggs for the kids to color, making a huge pan of baked mac and cheese for Easter family dinner, then cooking dinner for us. Then, we are up late because Jim, Brian's brother, came over after he got off work, and Brian finally gets home. Of course we have to have the obligatory Nerf Wars (which is an adventure in and of itself. There is only one, put it on your bucket list!). Finally,  I can sleep again.

Saturday morning, we get up and get all dolled up for Easter dinner with the family. Spend the morning there, celebrating Easter, E's birthday, Grandy's birthday, Naw's birthday, and the birth of my new nephew. So then, back home to clean the kitchen from Friday's cooking.

This morning, we had to skip the Easter service at church to take Andrew back home. Brian worked late again last night, so both of them slept in the car while I drove the whole way. Brian and I had enough time to relax after we got back and before he left for work again today, so we did! It was a great break. Other than that, I have done a whole lot of nothing, trying to gear up for this week. A told me tonight that he is having the OK standardized testing this week. Math on Wednesday, and Reading on Thursday. E will probably have a practice run-through. She's only in 2nd grade, and they start counting in 3rd grade. So next year, if she doesn't pass (which, Brian and I have the highest confidence that she will), she will be repeating the year. This one is just a preview, if you will, of what is to come.

Busy life, but I wouldn't trade it for the world! I love my family.

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