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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

No mice, just the droppings

So, I spent all day yesterday (after only 4 hours of sleep) cleaning out storage sheds. Fun, right? No, not really. You see, it would have been better if I hadn't been so emotional. Monday night, Brian and I stayed up until about 3am alphabetizing his ENTIRE DVD collection. There are well over 500 movies/tv series/documentaries in his entire collection. This has been a project that he has wanted to get done for a while, but we finally sat down and took the time to do it. He has me alphabetize the stacks of them while he puts them on the shelf and makes sure they are all facing the same direction. No big deal. Until about 2am when I start reversing the alphabet. Trying to figure out which "Battle-----" went first was not something we should have left until the very end, but the good thing is, they are done. We will have to do it again when we move because we add to our movie collection daily (I'm horrible at math, but I think it all averages out to about 1 movie a day). He was so excited that we were finally caught up, and I felt a huge sense of relief, too!

Back to the sheds...Brian has a whole bunch of stuff at his sister's house. This week is Dump Week here in town. You can use the city dump for free all week long, so that becomes the perfect time for the family to clean out the sheds and the stuff in the house that doesn't ever get cleaned because of time or life happening around it. We had so much crap piled up to take the dump that it took 3 trailer loads to get it all there. And one trailer to get the stuff that we wanted donated to the Community Thrift. Guess what? There is still more stuff, in the other shed. :) Yay for family hoarding!!!! lol really though, you don't know how much stuff you accumulate until you go to get rid of it and remember that you have it to begin with.

Miracle of miracles, yesterday, we found a TON of mice crap everywhere, on a lot of the boxes and huge plastic bins, but absolutely no mice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm exhausted.

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