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Friday, July 29, 2011

New changes just around the corner

July 11 was my last blog. A LOT has happened since then!! I put in my two weeks notice at work and finished that out this last Tuesday night. Mary gave me a hug when I left and I know that at least she will miss me!! Greg told me that if I ever wind up back in Amarillo, I have a job waiting for me there! I'm hoping that I won't need that offer, but its nice to know that it still stands if I need it.

Today is Grandpa's retirement party. Everybody is coming into WD for that tonight. Clay and I are already here, and Daddy, Shareen, and all of the kids are coming in later today. the last time we talked to Grandpa, he was still in Denver. He is riding his bike back here today.

On Monday, Shareen is taking me to Sayre, OK to meet Brian. Then Brian and I are driving back to Chandler so that I can finally meet his kiddos!!!! I'm super excited!!! I talked to them last night and they both told me that they are excited to meet me! A kept telling me that he has a countdown  to when I go out there and for when school starts. 2 days now for me, and 12 for school.

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